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A Guide to Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes | Part 2 of 2

by Mark Douglas May 09, 2018

A Guide to Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes | Part 2 of 2 | All Dressed Up Bridal Prom Tuxedo | Chattanooga, TN

You're a micromanaging bridezilla who doesn't need a wedding planner and offers no apologizes, I can respect that... news flash: you're now disqualified from 2-3 beautiful silhouettes. (watch embedded vid below)

Who knew your attention to detail and overbearing managerial skills would effect the one bridal gown silhouette that perfectly matches your body shape? I did, so don't say I didn't warn you. If you're this type of bride don't you dare even think about wearing a mermaid gown. What's a better word for regret?.. Never mind, you'll regret it. Running around and telling people what to do is your last concern. Ripping your mermaid gown to shreds because your seamstress's alterations were suspiciously a little too good, which has turned you into Miss Thang (the super sexy Miss Thang); that's your new concern. Hire a professional degree carrying Certified Wedding Planner, like ADU owner (my wife), Cheron J. Douglas! This will keep you in your seat, nice and neatly folded into that lovely burrito themed Mermaid show stopper, all while someone else takes and deflects all the stress! #Genius (although clearly my idea) Let's take a look a the three remaining silhouettes. They're incredibly similar, but with a few key differences. 

(Be sure you've read Part 1 and watched it's corresponding video.)

The Fit and Flare Silhouette

Fit and Flare Silhouette

The fit and flare hugs the waist and hips tightly and begins it's flare just below the hips. It has more of a gradual, sloping flared skirt. Best-selling Fit and Flares include Morilee Blu's Maura, Sophia Tolli's Aludra, and Sophia Tolli's Cassiopeia. Click to shop Fit and Flare Silhouettes

 Morilee Maura Wedding Dress

Sophia Tolli Aludra Wedding Dress

Sophia Tolli Cassiopeia Wedding Dress

The Trumpet Silhouette

Trumpet Silhouette

trumpet dress also holds the waist and hips firmly all the way down, shooting out around mid-thigh, appearing like the bell of a trumpet. Popular Trumpets include Martin Thornburg's Cantata, Sophia Tolli's Lynx, and Mon Cheri Enchanting's 217124. Click to shop Trumpet Silhouettes.

 Martin Thornburg Cantata Wedding Dress

Sophia Tolli Lynx

Enchanting 217124

The Mermaid Silhouette

The Mermaid Silhouette

The mermaid dress clings gently to the torso and thighs, constraining the legs together down to the knees where it boasts a more pronounced flare out down to the ground. Our favorite Mermaids include Morilee's Marguerit, Morilee's Muse, Morilee Julietta's Miliana, and Morilee Julietta's Kori. Click to shop Mermaid Silhouettes.

Morilee Marguerit

Morilee Miliana Wedding Gown

 Morilee Kori Wedding Dress

All three silhouettes look best on individuals with curvier figures, as they heavily emphasize the natural contours of the body. They offer a sophisticated, sexy, Old Hollywood glam, and though just about any type of sleeve or neckline will work, they often look best with strapless.


If you decide to opt for a sleeveless or strapless gown, a statement necklace would make a lovely addition to your wedding attire. Alternatively, a pair of elegant earrings would work very well, though these would be best paired with an updo, as you don't want to have to be untangling your hair from your jewelry all evening. Make sure that you don't add more than one statement piece, though--otherwise they might clash. If you would prefer a belt instead of traditional jewelry, we offer a variety of styles for just about any dress style that you choose. If you are interested in a veil, we have a wide selection to choose from.

This week's corresponding Video Bonus just went LIVE!: #12 Finding My Perfect Wedding Gown | Silhouette Discovery Guide, Pt 2 | 'Puttin On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!'  

Video Dialogue:

Mark: "Ladies and gents, before we begin, check out this Sophia Tolli, Y11896B, size 8, hanging now in the store. Come and get it ladies. ADU is your home for the latest Wedding, Prom, and Tuxedo knowledge...  so don't miss a single episode or blog! Subscribe to our Channels. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter so be sure to follow and click the various notification options. (We understand these silhouette guidelines are not universal rules; personal preference is paramount.) In part 1 we discussed three silhouettes: the A-Line, the Ball Gown, and the Sheath. Today we'll cover three different silhouettes that are easy to confuse due to their similarities: The Fit and Flare, The Trumpet, and The Mermaid. Stay tuned for the show recap highlighting the differences. First up, the Fit and Flare Silhouette: The Fit and Flare gown closely hugs the body through the bodice and right past the hip, where the skirt flares away from the body. Advantages include... Adds feminine curves to a straight figure... Can be a better option for petite brides, as it lends a slightly taller appearance than a ball gown or a mermaid silhouette... Great for adding Bridal Belts or Sashes around the natural waistline... It also... May emphasize a wide waistline and hips... however, it can offer the perfect accentuation for curvy ladies. On to The Trumpet Silhouette: The trumpet gown features a close-fitting bodice that skims the lines of the body, through the hips to the mid thigh where the skirt gradually-flares to the hem. Just as the name suggests, the gradual flare of the skirt resembles the shape of a trumpet's bell. The silhouette of a trumpet wedding dress... Adds feminine curves to a straight figure. With a trumpet dress, Bridal Belts and Sashes can help highlight your natural waist, accentuating (or creating!) an hourglass figure, and adding a personal touch to your gown. The trumpet silhouette is a wonderful style for plus sizes, and can greatly complement a curvy figure. The Mermaid Silhouette: The mermaid gown is a great style for flaunting feminine curves; tightly hugging the contours of the body from the bodice to the knee (or slightly below the knee), where the skirt begins to dramatically flare away from the body, down to the hem. Merits include... Highlights feminine curves, making it one of the best dress styles for hourglass figures... Adds feminine curves to a straight figure... a mermaid dress can feature a high neck and/or long sleeves... can be a great choice for curvy women... Mermaid dresses tend to emphasize waists and hips can beautifully highlight the voluptuous curves of a bride with a more full-figured body shape. Mermaid dresses can restrict freedom of movement. Because the mermaid dress is such a form-fitting style, be mindful when choosing your undergarments - you don't want any lines peeking through your gown. Let's recap theses similar silhouettes, and their difference. Notice... The Fit and Flare pops out right below the hip... The Trumpet begins to flare around the mid-thigh... the Mermaid flares at or below the knee as you can see these silhouette styles are lower half show stoppers, highlighting (like it or not) the tummy, the hips and the thighs, trading out freedom of movement  as a result. Now comes some DJ Mark advise you didn't see coming! If you are the type of bride who wants to be in complete control during your wedding you'll naturally want to be, over here, over there, and everywhere in between, making sure things are going exactly the way you want them to go... That's cool with me. But you're going to have to decide: Will I be a Queen on my wedding day by hiring a degree carrying Certified Wedding Planner so I can sit back and relax in my Mermaid - awesome body flattering silhouette, or am I going to be a Queen B, skip the Wedding Planner, and go with an A-Line silhouette. choices, choices! I'll let you decide which part of that was tongue in cheek. Back to the ranch, these three silhouettes, although beautiful, may restrict your freedom of movement. That covers the 6 major silhouettes. Certain manufactures continue to list additional silhouette types, some of which are identical to one of these 6, and some are slightly modified versions of one of these 6. Ladies, we're interested in your silhouette story! Would you like to be featured in one of our blogs or episodes? Share your event and silhouette style directly from our website it's easy to find in the footer section and I'll place a link to it in the corresponding blog. Are you learning something? Won't you Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share? And make sure you get those notifications! And we will see you, next time!"

Wedding Dress Silhouettes Part 2

Special thanks to The Wedding Shoppe Inc

Be sure to read part 1 and watch it's corresponding video.

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Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas


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