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A Guide to Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes | Part 1 of 2

by Mark Douglas May 02, 2018

A Guide to Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes | Part 1 of 2 - A-Line, Ball Gown & Sheath | Chattanooga, TN

Identifying and understanding Wedding Dress silhouettes is a great place to start in your search for the Perfect Wedding Gown! ;)

So, you're engaged--CONGRATULATIONS!!! We hope that you and your future spouse have a wonderful and happy life together for many years to come. Of course, the ring on your finger also means that you now have a wedding to plan. One of the most crucial parts of your big day is the dress, and it's okay if you feel a little overwhelmed with all of the options. Don't worry--we're more than happy to help. Let's review the different silhouette options. And later, in the corresponding video (embedded below), I'll bring even more focus by comparing the various silhouettes with body type and personal style.

The A-Line Silhouette

The A-Line Silhouette

This style of dress is an absolute classic, and looks good on all body types. With this style, the bodice is rather fitted, but the skirt (and train, if you choose to add one) is rather flowy. By changing up the type of fabric used, you can opt for a more structured or airy dress. Embellishments such as beadwork, lace, and embroidery all work well with this style, though it can look beautiful without them, as well. Some of our more popular A-lines include Morilee's Malke, Martin Thornburg's Coda, and Sophia Tolli's Kora. Click to shop A-Line Silhouettes.

A-Line Morilee Blu Malke 5574

Mon Cheri | Martin Thornburg - Coda 118281 118281W

Mon Cheri | Sophia Tolli - Kora Y11881 Y11881LS

The Ball Gown Silhouette

The Ball Gown Silhouette

If you've dreamed of having a fairytale princess wedding since you were a little girl, then a ball gown-style dress is for you. With this type of gown, the bodice is very fitted and the skirt is very full (think Disney princess dress). Just like the A-line, almost any fabric will work with this style of dress, though the weight of the fabric will determine how structured it will look and feel. Most any body type can wear this dress. Also like the A-line, a train works very well with this type of dress, especially because it is one of the more formal styles available. Our best-selling ball gown dresses include Morilee's Kali, Morilee Voyage's Myrcella, and Sophia Tolli's Helia. Click to shop Ball Gown Silhouettes.

Morilee | Kali 8202

Morilee | Voyage | Myrcella 6864

Mon Cheri | Sophia Tolli | Helia Y11888 Y11888LS

The Sheath Silhouette

The Sheath Silhouette

This style can also be referred to as a column dress. It's one of the more simple styles, yet is still very classy and elegant. It works best for those who have slender body types, as it can emphasize curves in a less-than-flattering way, and can help add some height, if needed. It is very versatile, and can be adapted to anyone's personal style and wedding theme by changing the embellishments, fabric, length, sleeves, and neckline. Some of our favorites are Mon Cheri Enchanting's 217123, Morilee Blu's Milena, Morilee's Kassia, and Morilee Julietta's Kameron. Click to shop Sheath Silhouettes.

Morilee | Julietta | Kameron 3231

Morilee | Kassia 8203

Morilee | Blu | Milena 5569

Mon Cheri | Enchanting 217123

This week's corresponding Video Bonus just went LIVE!: #11 Finding My Perfect Wedding Gown | Silhouette Discovery Guide, Pt 1 | 'Puttin On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!'  

Video Dialogue:

Mark: "Ladies and Gents, Before we begin, check out this flower girl Joan Calabrese dress, style number 117358, hanging now in the store. Come and get it ladies. ADU is your home for the latest Wedding, Prom, and Tuxedo knowledge...  so don't miss a single episode or blog! Subscribe to our Channels. Maybe you use Facebook, or Instagram, maybe YouTube or Twitter. We are active on each of these platforms so be sure to follow and click the various notification options. Today we're talking Wedding Gown Silhouettes. Let's take a look at the options. (A quick note: We understand these silhouette guidelines are not universal rules; personal preference is paramount.) First up, The A-Line Silhouette. Up next, The Ball Gown Silhouette. Moving right along, The Sheath Silhouette. Ladies and gents, I'm cutting in right now to keep this video short. Be sure to catch part 2 next Wednesday, when we'll cover the last three silhouettes: Fit and Flare, Trumpet, and Mermaid. Ladies, we're interested in your silhouette story! Would you like to be featured in one of our blogs or episodes? Share your event and silhouette style directly from our website it's easy to find in the footer section and I'll place a link to it in the corresponding blog. Won't you Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share? And make sure you get those notifications! And we will see you, next time!"

A Guide to Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes | Part 1 of 2 | A-Line, Ball Gown & Sheath

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Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas


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