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Cufflinks and Button Studs: A Tuxedo Necessity

by Mark Douglas March 28, 2018

Tuxedo Rentals - Stud Cufflinks and Stud Buttons - All Dressed Up Chattanooga, TN

Yes, you're a Stud. You'll need cufflinks and buttons to match.

Whether dressing for a wedding or preparing for your first prom, your formal wear isn't complete without cufflinks and button studs. These unique accessories are a necessity when topping off any formal look. Generally worn with formal shirts, they are a type of formal wear jewelry that comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Depending upon the color of your tuxedo, you can coordinate the exact look you need for your special evening. All Dressed Up partners with Jim's Formal Wear tuxedo rentals, and the cufflinks and button studs come standard with every rental; you receive two cufflinks and four studs, depending on your tie choice. Rest assured, these little extras will not only impress the ladies and gents but also give the wearer a stronger sense of confidence and swagger.

What are Cufflinks and Button Studs?

  Button Studs an Cufflinks

  • Cufflinks are a removable alternative to buttons that are used to keep a gentleman's cuffs closed. A cufflink does exactly as you would expect: it links your cuffs together by sliding through holes in your cuff openings and locks the fabric into place.
Whale Back Closure CufflinksStud / Button Cufflinks Ball Return Cufflinks Bullet Back and Toggle Closure Cufflinks Locking Cufflinks Fabric Cufflinks Silk Knot Cufflinks Chain Link Cufflinks
  • Studs are used as buttons on the front of your formal shirt. Most are jeweled and add a pop of color to your tux. ADU tux rentals offers Black and Silver as a standard. You can upgrade to Black and Gold, White and Silver, or White and Gold. 
Jeweled Buttons / Tuxedo ShirtJeweled Buttons, Cufflinks, Traditional Tuxedo ShirtPremium Formal Wear Jewelry | Stud Cufflinks and Stud ButtonsMicrofiber Polyester  Contemporary Tuxedo Shirt w/ Stud Buttons

In most cases, cufflinks and button studs are associated with formal events, but they are also seen making appearances at other social and business events. According to Real Men Real Style, these jewels can be a fun addition to a sports jacket when the occasion calls for it.

All Dressed Up has a huge selection of tuxes and colors for your formal event customization needs. Check out some of the slim-fit selections on our Tux Rental page. And be sure to check out the ADU 'How to Button a Tuxedo' blog where you'll learn the rules (yes, rules) on how to properly button your tuxedo. 

ADU Tux Rentals - Chattanooga, TN

Have questions? Contact us with your formal wear questions and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you!

This week's Video Bonus just went LIVE!: #6 Finding My Perfect Tuxedo | Bells & Whistles, How-To Guide | 'Puttin On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!'  

Video Dialogue:

Mark: "Before we begin, how about this beauty still hanging here in the store (EW118096 Size 10). Come and get it ladies. Let's get right to it, cufflinks. Of course the shirt could also be buttoned with a regular button as well; we want to bypass that button. Put that right on in there, flip it, and all of a sudden you've got yourself a french cuff. Number two, jeweled buttons... Take a look at that jeweled button there. This is going to go right in place of the regular button; there is a regular button on there. And it just goes right through there, both holes and pushes through. The top button can be left alone. And now the traditional tuxedo shirt. It is cotton. 100% cotton with the ridges. It's got ridges on both sides coming down. And of course we can put the jewels on that. But the guys are upgrading to the microfiber polyester, which is a fantastic feel, nice and silky smooth. This is the one you want. We also offer black tuxedo shirts. And this one comes in microfiber as well. Great option. You might go white, you might go black. But the black really does help you stand out, especially if you're doing a color theme. Think about changing from white to black. (Also available in Ivory, Light Blue and Pink.) Great idea. And let's talk about our ties real quick. We have clip-on bow ties and windsor ties. This is exactly how you want to get started. You want to pull that collar up all the way. Right. And then you're gonna button. And then you're gonna put this (tie) on, clap it, and have somebody else, usually, somebody else tighten this thing down real good in the back. Only at that point where the tuxedo tie is super tight right up here, I would say tight. Because it's gonna loosen up. Only at that point do you bring down the collar, okay. If it's not tight and you bring down the collar you're going to be able to see the button. We don't want to see that button. So we want to make it tight and it will loosen up and it will be just fine. Make sure the air conditioner is on full blast and that is not a joke. And boy do we have lots of colors. This one's fantastic I love that, look at that right there. We have lots and lots of colors and they do match with the tie (and vest). We're gonna put all this together. You can mix match, you wanna be real careful; ask your sales rep about that. How about these pants? They tighten! Yes, we're going to size you, but then all of the sudden at the side here: BOOM! We have a little tightening mechanism. Just cinch that right on up there, and make it as tight or as loose as possible. And real quick, how about tightening up this vest: so simple, so easy. It goes like this. And how about that? So quick and easy, we are nice and snug and we are ready to roll. I've got a question for you gents: are you ready for your prom? You're not ready unless you have the $40 OFF discount. Which ends this Thursday. All you have to do is come down and put your deposit down, and that will secure the discount. Then we can go back and measure later. We can go back and figure out styles later. You have an April event, or May event? Not a problem. All Dressed Up family, did you like this video? Like it, comment, share, subscribe, and we will see you, next time."

ADU is owned and operated by Mark and Cheron Douglas.

Visit All Dressed Up today to get started on your Tuxedo Rental and Prom Dress shopping.

We want to give a shout out to Real Men Real Style and Valextino for use of several photos.

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Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas


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