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Engagement Ring Trends to Obsess Over

by Grace McAdory September 27, 2017

Engagement Ring Trends to Obsess Over

With 2018 almost here, new ring trends are starting to emerge. I have hand picked a few of my favorites! Here’s a sneak peek of the hottest engagement ring trends that you can expect to see within the next year.



Rose Gold Ring

Gold is definitely making a comeback, but more specifically, rosegold is known to be a crowd favorite. Rose Gold is simply gorgeous, everyone knows that. But more than that, rose gold has been acquired in more than just the ring industry. Companies like Apple, Target, and Beats have all kept up with this ongoing and fashionable trend.

Click here to shop for rose gold engagement rings!



Pear-Cut Ring

Pear-cut diamonds are all the rage. This brilliant and unique cut offers brides a traditional ring with a twist. These rings have a dainty and elegance to them that you just can’t find with any plain old ring. Click here to shop now!



Colored Gemstones Ring

These rings are for brides looking to make a statement. Colored gemstone engagement rings are a unique alternative to a classic diamond ring. From sapphire to emerald, these colorful rings are becoming extremely popular in the wedding industry.



East-West Ring

Say goodbye to boring, and hello to bold! More and more wedding ring designers are starting to add the big rocks to a ring horizontally instead of vertically. Not only do these rings elongate the finger and create an illusion of a bigger rock, but they are also have a modern twist to them! Shop here and find your perfect unique ring today!

Now, go and get the ring (and dress) you deserve!

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Grace McAdory
Grace McAdory


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