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How-To Measure for a Tuxedo or Suit | Get Fitted & Sized Correctly

by Mark Douglas April 18, 2018

How To Do Measurements for a Tux and Suit Rental or Purchase | Fitting | All Dressed Up, Chattanooga, TN

Getting measured for a tuxedo or suit is easy here at ADU and requires very little time... We'll even travel to your home!

It's in choosing the styles and colors that can be time consuming. Let's begin with the basics: don't try this at home. At least that is ours strong suggestion. If you measure at home or submit your own measurements most dress shops will not honor a fix or redo. But if you let a pro shop perform the measurements and order the tux you have options. If items don't fit it's on them to replace the pieces via overnight shipping; that's exactly what we do here at ADU. If it fits wonderfully according to normal fitting standards, see below, but you had something out of the box in mind, and didn't convey that to the sales associate, you'll need to pony up payment to have the fix overnighted yourself.

Look Great, Downright Hot! @ All Dressed Up!

Before we get into the heavy duty details I'd like to share with you our brand new offering: VIP In-Home Tuxedo Fittings! Get professionally measured on your time in the comfort of your own home by one of our sales associates. Click the link for details. And make sure to take a look at our tuxedo styles page to get an idea of our Jim's Formal Wear offerings.

Here is what you can expect when being professionally measured for your Perfect Tuxedo by All Dressed Up.

The How-To Guide of Chest Measurement.

When taking the chest measurement position the tape measure under the arms and around the broadest part of the chest. Be sure to pull the tape snug until you feel a slight tension. Too tight or too loose will give you an inaccurate measurement. Make sure the tape is level on both sides and parallel to the floor. Don't place any of your fingers between the tape and the chest.

The How-To Guide of Overarm Measurement.

The overarm measurement is similar to the chest measurement. But the tape goes over the arms instead of under. With the arms relaxed place the tape around the broadest part of the chest and arms. Again, make sure the tape is level on both sides and parallel to the floor. It helps if you stand to the side of the gentleman. Pull the tape snug until you feel a slight tension and do not place any fingers between the tape and the chest.

The How-To Guide of Waist Measurement.

The correct waist measurement helps us to ensure your pants and coat fit just right. Place the tape around the waist an inch below the navel. It helps to have the gentleman point to his belly button. Be sure to avoid placing the tape over the belt or the waistband of the pants. The tape measure should be level and parallel to the floor. A loose measurement will yield and incorrect size so pull the tape snug until you feel a slight tension.

The How-To Guide of Outseam Measurement.

To get an accurate pant outseam measurement as the gentleman to remove his shoes and look strait ahead during the measurement process. Start the tape measure level with the waist band centered at the back of his pants. Pull the tape firmly in place with one hand and stretch it all the way to the floor with the other.

How To Measure / Get Fitted | Tuxedo, Suit

Let's talk Pant Break or length, please refer to the above pic. To do so you'll need to adjust the outseam measurement accordingly. The Full Break is as-is. For a Half Break subtract one inch. For a Quarter Break subtract one and one half inches. This is a recommended break for the Ultra Slim Fit styles. For the No Break, where the socks slightly show, subtract two inches. This is also a recommended break for the Ultra Slim Fit styles.

The How-To Guide of Hip Measurement.

Before taking the hip measurement be sure the gentlemen removes any items from his pockets, like a cell phone or a wallet. Place the tape around the broadest part of the hip. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. It's easiest to see the tapes correct position when you stand to the side of the gentleman. Pull the tape until you feel tension and record your measurement.

The How-To Guide of Neck Measurement.

For a comfortable shirt fit place the tape measure around the neck where the shirt collar will be buttoned. Do not put fingers between the tape and the neck. Add one inch to this measurement.

The How-To Guide of Sleeve Measurement.

The sleeve measurement is achieved in three phases. First start the tape at the base of the neck and centered with the spine. Run the tape over the top of the shoulder and hold it there. Continue running the tape down the arm to the point of the elbow. Again, hold it there. Then take the tape down the arm to the break in the wrist. You'll measure one inch past the wrist bone. It's always better to measure one half an inch longer here for flexibility in bending the elbow.

This week's corresponding Video Bonus just went LIVE!: #9 Finding My Perfect Tuxedo | In-Home Tux Fittings! | 'Puttin On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!'  

Video Dialogue:

Mark: "Before we begin, how about this beauty hanging in the store. It's a Colette 18287, Size 2. Come and get it ladies! Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we Proudly roll out an unprecedented Prom offering: In-Home Tuxedo Fittings! You've already bought tickets to Disney World, why not get the Fast Pass? Many of you already know too well the sometimes arduous process of choosing your Tux styles and deciding on the exact color matching shirt, vest and tie. And that's after you've waited in line for the gentleman in front of you to do the exact same thing. Maybe you came in on a Saturday? Maybe the only time you could make it was in the evening when the shop was full? Well today All Dressed Up will yet again lead the way and set the bar for top Customer Satisfaction and loyalty. As many of you already know, Cheron and I are constantly meditating on one main concept: Step into the customer's shoes, open yourself up to empathy, and see things from a caring heart and perspective. And this is why our customer satisfaction numbers are through the roof. So today we begin our In-Home tux fitting trial for select markets. Next Prom season we hope to make it available to all schools within a 30 mile radius... but we need your feedback. Would this be something you would book? Let me give you the time saving details: Number 1. Digitally: You pre-pay $200 and we work out a in-home visit time. Time Saved, check! Number 2. An All Dressed Up tux specialist travels to your home: you not only get sized, you choose your styles and colors. Time Saved, check! Number 3. Later, over the phone, we settle up with either a credit for you or a debit for us. Time Saved, Check! Number 4. On the week-of the event, when the tux arrives here at All Dressed Up the gentleman comes in for a try-on verification and take-home. Number 5. Sunday the Tux is returned. Well, that was simple! Keep in mind, our underlining theme here is Time Saving for busy people. We've built a non-refundable $50 Convenience Fee into the price. However, through this testing phase we're dropping the fee to $35. Let's recap our time-saving efforts: Number 1. The gentleman will only have to wait in line 1 time, if in fact there is any line at all: at the week-of fitting! And number 2. All payments will have been made either digitally or over the phone. All this for only 35 extra dollars! Where do I sign! Want to study the digital In-Home Product page? Please visit our website and search "appointment." And of course I'll put a link to it in the corresponding blog. If you would like to check-in to see if your school is included in our test phase trial please email or call us, I've placed a link the corresponding blog. And please continue to tell us what you think by liking, commenting, and sharing. We have really appreciated the response. And we will see you, next time!"

Questions? Contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to assist!

ADU is owned and operated by Mark and Cheron Douglas.

Visit All Dressed Up today to get started on your Tuxedo Rental and Prom Dress shopping.

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Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas


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