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Let's Get Personal

by Grace McAdory September 13, 2017

Let's Get Personal

Weddings are expected to have a personal touch to them. It’s kinda like a diamond, each one is unique. But how can you make such a personal day, even more personal? We’ve got a few exciting ideas to make your wedding day more memorable than ever!



Custom Signs - Wedding Tips

Jazz up the scenery with unique handcrafted signs to welcome your guests. You can incorporate the theme, color scheme, and specific wording on them as well. The best part about investing in these custom signs is that it makes for a great keepsake! Check out Kathryn Sawyer’s Paper & Pine Co. Etsy shop to get yours today!



Family First - Wedding Tips

Make your family feel extra special by setting out family photos for display. Throw those old photos in some old vintage frames to showcase each side of the family! Even better idea, dig up some old embarrassing photos of your partner to give your guests a good laugh.

Photo by Ashley Rose



Hashtags - Wedding Tips

Incorporating a cute and witty hashtagged phrase is all the rage in the wedding world right now, and allows you to easily share your big day on social media. In recent studies, over half of all weddings have their own personal hashtag! If you are having trouble coming up with a rocking hashtag, let Wedding Wire help you generate and pick the perfect one!

Photo by Wedding Paper Divas



Fun with Labels - Wedding Tips

Dress up your wine bottles and table decor with personalized monograms, quotes, pictures etc. for an extra touch of charm. Evermine is a great tool that lets you design and create your own labels in preparation for your big day!


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Grace McAdory
Grace McAdory


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