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You're Engaged! Now What? 4 Quick-Start Tips!

by Grace McAdory August 16, 2017

You're Engaged! Now What? 4 Quick-Start Tips!

Brides-To-Be! It’s time to start planning! But you might be thinking, where do I even begin? Don't get distracted by all the tiny details just yet. It’s okay if you don't know the date to set or venue to book. The first step in planning a killer wedding is to get inspired! Pinterest has been a timeless go-to spot for wedding inspo, but let’s think outside the box. Here’s four quick-start tips that will jump-start your wedding planning and give you piece of mind!


#1: Research, Read, and Save


When you are scrolling through social media or surfing the net, always remember to follow, save, screenshot, and bookmark any content that gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling inside. The worst is seeing a picture/article/post somewhere and forgetting where you found it! For iPhone photo-saves and screenshots you can create a wedding folder and move them into one easy to find location.


#2: Find Your Colors


Narrowing down what color schemes best reflect your personality is a major wedding decision. Decide on a palette and let it be a foundation for planning success. Your palette may change as you pick your dress, your venue, and your season; No Worries;) Find your Perfect Palette and get more color inspiration by clicking here.


#3: Create an Inspiration Board


Rustic/Shabby Chic Elegance

Grab a pair of scissors & that stack of wedding magazines you have been collecting for months and start snipping! You can place them on a cork board or in a binder using pins and a glue stick. This will help you keep all your favorite eye candy organized! Think of the fun! Your patterns, fabrics, flower arrangements, bridal gowns, wedding party attire, food, cocktails, and stationary will be easy to find.

Photo: The Dressy Group


#4: Buy a Wedding Planning Book


Every bride-to-be needs a good planner, so bust out those highlighters ladies! This will help you keep important dates and details organized. Click here, to check out Heavy's Top 10 Best Wedding Planning Books, Checklists, & Organizers.

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Grace McAdory
Grace McAdory


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