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Windsor Tie: Solid, Floral & Striped - All Dressed Up, Purchase

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Price: $39 | Self-tie; made by Michael Kors; available in Men's Regular and Long

Solid Colors: Solid Black, Solid Charcoal, Solid Silver, Solid Ivory, Solid Champagne, Solid Coral, Solid Blush, Solid Ballet, Solid Rose Petal, Solid First Blush, Solid Apple Red, Solid Wine, Solid Plum, Solid Navy, Solid Slate Blue

Floral Colors: Floral Black, Floral Platinum, Floral White, Floral Ivory, Floral Champagne, Floral Biscotti, Floral Rose Gold, Floral Bellini, Floral Blush, Floral Mauve, Floral Apple Red, Floral Wine, Floral Cranberry, Floral Plum, Floral Dusty Lavender, Floral Lavender, Floral Lite Blue, Floral Slate Blue, Floral Navy, Floral Emerald

Striped Colors: Striped Charcoal, Striped Silver, Striped Gold, Striped Champagne, Striped Apple Red, Striped Dusty Blue, Striped Ivory, Striped Slate Blue, Striped Spice, Striped White, Striped Rose Gold, Striped Plum, Striped Rosewood, Striped Cinnamon, Striped Taupe, Striped Platinum, Striped Black, Striped Sage, Striped Navy, Striped Wine, Striped Quartz, Striped Ballet, Striped Blush, Striped Forest, Striped Hunter Green, Striped Evergreen Moss, Striped First Blush, Striped Pink Rose Gold

Price: $24.99 | Pre-tied; made by Jim's Formal Wear

Skinny Windsor | Color: Black

Budget Windsor | Color: Black

Price: $39.99 | Self-tie; made by Jim's Formal Wear

Windsor | Color: Black

Looking for Bow Ties? Be sure to add matching socks to your order.
Solid Black
Solid Charcoal
Solid Silver
Solid Ivory
Solid Champagne
Solid Coral
Solid Blush
Solid Ballet
Solid Rose Petal
Solid First Blush
Solid Apple Red
Solid Wine
Solid Plum
Solid Navy
Solid Slate Blue
Floral Black
Floral Platinum
Floral White
Floral Ivory
Floral Champagne
Floral Biscotti
Floral Rose Gold
Floral Bellini
Floral Blush
Floral Mauve
Floral Apple Red
Floral Wine
Floral Cranberry
Floral Plum
Floral Dusty Lavender
Floral Lavender
Floral Lite Blue
Floral Slate Blue
Floral Navy
Floral Emerald
Striped Charcoal
Striped Silver
Striped Gold
Striped Champagne
Striped Apple Red
Striped Dusty Blue
Striped Ivory
Striped Slate Blue
Striped Spice
Striped White
Striped Rose Gold
Striped Plum
Striped Rosewood
Striped Cinnamon
Striped Taupe
Striped Platinum
Striped Black
Striped Sage
Striped Navy
Striped Wine
Striped Quartz
Striped Ballet
Striped Blush
Striped Forest
Striped Hunter Green
Striped Evergreen Moss
Striped First Blush
Striped Pink Rose Gold
Solid Black JFW - Self-tie
Solid Black JFW - Pre-tied
Skinny Black JFW - Pre-tied

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