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How To Create & Plan a Prom Night Timeline | Part 2 of 2

by Mark Douglas April 11, 2018

Prom Night - All Dressed Up, Chattanooga, TN

Talk about a senior project! Scheduling, managing and executing this Prom Night timeline is nothing short of genius!  (note to self: issue PN diplomas)

In Part 1 we discovered planning the perfect prom night timeline actually begins by finding the perfect dress, getting alterations, and scheduling your pros. Not to mention the month-of and week-of intricacies. And now that we're all teed up let's smash one down the fairway and bring home a victory with a thoughtful and thorough day-of to-do list. 

Day-Of: 9:30 - 11 AM, Coffee, Detox

This isn't going to be one of those sleep-in kind of days. You're gonna have to set that alarm and start drinking some coffee; no time for an IV. Looking at the big picture time is likely to slip away from you so let's grab the time while we have it. Wake up at 9:30 AM and get some coffee brewing. Have some breakfast while you're at it; this way you won't ruin a great evening meal by being so hungry your pre-dinner snack fills you up. Now let's get clean: 10 AM, shower and mouth detox. 

Day-Of: 11 AM - 2 PM, Hair and Nails

Your hair and makeup timing does not need to be trivialized or pushed back. You may have decided to have this done by pros and that means drive time. This drive time needs to be figured into the schedule; to be safe let's give the hair and makeup a good 1.5 hours each: 11 AM - 2 PM.

Day-Of: 2 - 3 PM, Snack and Dress Up

It's time for more food! But only a small snack, and coffee... much more coffee thank you very much! If you're ahead of schedule you might do with a short nap, but no later than 2:30 PM! It's at this time you'll need to get dressed up... or in this case, All Dressed Up! ;) You might prelude this by throwing in another mouth scrub and tongue cleanse... you know, people can't smell their own bad breath so let's be on the safe side. A how-to mouth scrub hyperlink would go great here. 

Day-Of: 3 - 4, Date Arrival and Travel for Pics

It's 3 PM: your date is here to pick you up! Or visa-versa. This is when mom and dad are so proud and emotional they start to cry. Then you start to cry. Hugs all around! Re-do your makeup and let pull it together... BTW, you do look amazing! Now you're heading off to pictures at 4 PM. Life is good? No, life is Great! And that's because you are right on time! The following statement will be numbered due to it's up and coming redundancy: #1 Do you have your travel and parking figured out? Better get planning!

Day-Of: 4 - 5 PM, Pictures

Pre-Prom Pictures - All Dressed Up Chattanooga

Downtown Chattanooga has never looked better! It's 4 PM, the sun out, your date is beautiful / handsome, your pro-photographer is right on time, and they snap pictures that will be with you for a lifetime. Thank you for this timeline, you say? You are welcome! But the night's not over yet! Let's keep moving! 

Day-Of: 5 - 6:30 PM, Travel to Dinner and Eat

It's 5 PM and the pre-dinner bells are ringing (that's your cell phone alarm). Your reservation will be ready in 30 minutes, it's time to get rolling. #2 Do you have your travel and parking figured out? Better get planning! Wow, is this the good life or what? 5:30 PM you arrive and are immediately seated: you are a badastronaut. Looking good Houston! 6:30 PM your tummy is full and your dancing legs are primed up: time to Jiggy Wit It! You've got a 30-minutes drive to the prom venue. #3 Do you have your travel and parking figured out? Better get planning! 

Day-Of: 6:30 - 10 PM, Travel to Prom and Celebrate

Prom Night - All Dressed Up Chattanooga, TN

7 to 10 PM: Prom Night! This is what it's all about. You look good, you got your pictures, you got your food, you traveled well, and you have no stress. Well, except for the looming dance competition you plan on winning. And what's this? Your school hired Chattanooga's son, DJ Mark of With Class LLC! "Oh my goodness he's dropping dope tracks and spinning with no down time! Me and my date can't pull away cause every song is slamming!" Okay, okay, that's just the body language I'm getting. (DJ Mark is writing this article, LOL.) Let's not forget what you're celebrating... In part: You are about to graduate! "Yay!" This night somewhat marks your passage into adulthood. "Yay?!" You are becoming a responsible young man or woman! "Gulp." You are well on your way to becoming a contributing member of society! "Make it stop." 

Day-Of: 10 - 11:30 PM, Travel to Wind-Down Location & Chill

You've dropped it like it was hot, and it was hot! But it's 10 PM and not even DJ Mark can interfere with your timeline. It's time for romance... and gelato! ;) #4 Do you have your travel and parking figured out? Better get planning! You travel to a hot spot quite place for a cool down, and start dreaming. Maybe you think: 'This is the beginning of the rest of my life.' Or: 'I wonder if I left the curling iron plugged in?' Or: 'I've got to get back to my online World of Warcraft before it's too late.' Whatever it is keep it cool and respect yourself. If you can first do this you'll naturally respect others as you grow an understanding of boundaries and self-control. Don't get caught up in perceived expectations, and don't ever be afraid to say NO. It's 11:30 PM and time to travel to your car and head home. #5 Do you have your travel figured out? Better get planning! 

Day-Of: 11:30 - 12 Midnight, Travel back to Vehicle & Home

It was a fantastic night, one that you'll never forget! And it all started with a plan. Maybe you used this ADU plan? Cheron and I have this idea: we think you'd not only like to share your actual Prom Night plan but also your pictures and love story. Would you? You can certainly do that right here on our Share Your Event page

Here's the Part 2 timeline in the form of a .jpg file. You can save it onto your computer or cell phone for later use and printout. 

How To Create & Plan a Prom Night Timeline | Part 2 of 2

Have you read Part 1 and seen it's timeline? It's imperative you utilize the timelines of both Part 1 and Part 2.

This week's corresponding Video Bonus just went LIVE!: #8 Prom Night Perfection | How To Create a Timeline Part 2 | 'Puttin On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!'  

Video Dialogue:

Mark: "Thirdly: We are now ready to talk day-of scheduling! 9:30-10 AM: Coffee, Small Breakfast, coffee, check Snapchat, one more coffee. 10-11 AM: Get your Shower: And gents, would you do us a favor: don't just give us the M-F 10-minute I'm late for school shower... We'll take the extra scrub, extra soap, high powered, pressure washed, two-minimum layers of skin removal shower complete with a Brand Spanking new clean towel dry-off, thank you very much! Now, ladies and gents, don't forget the extra dose of antiperspirant deodorant combined with a mouth scrubbing so clean 1 minute of Listerine mouth wash is a walk in the park. 11-12:30: Ladies: Hair time! 12:30-2: Makeup. Obviously the hair and makeup might be something you want a professional to handle. If so you will have needed to schedule this at least a few weeks in advance. And your schedule may need to be revised with consideration to drive time. 2-2:30: Snack and Coffee... yes, this may be a little late for your normal coffee fix but it will pay off big time dividends later. Ladies, Focus, Get your game face on, and let's do this! 2:30-3: Get Dressed. 3-3:30: Pickup date. 3:30-4: Travel to take pictures. Obviously you've pre-chosen a spot... but do you have a rain backup plan? Of course you do! Have you discovered where the sun will be the perfect Rembrandt lighting at that time of day? Of course you have! Is your Pro-Photographer meeting you at the exact time and place pre-specified? Of course they are! Okay maybe you can have another quick small snack on the way. 4-5: Take pictures. 5-5:30: Travel to Dinner... maybe with pro-transportation. Of course if you have to leave your vehicle parked you've already planned that out. So Hot! 5:30-6:30: Dinner with VIP seating because you young stud and mare have already reserved a seat complete with sparkling champagne and a skittle.. life is good! Please remember to place the napkin in your lap, guys always stand when the lady is leaving of arriving at the table, help the lady with the chair and doors, guys offer an arm for balance, and everyone remember to hold all types of bodily air until you've arrived safely into the restroom stall and the door has completely swung closed.) 6:30-7: Travel to Prom Event (again, possibly pro-travel) 7-10  Prom Night! You made it! But it's not over so don't get ahead of yourself! A lot is going to happen here.. but most of all, Have Fun! 10-10:30: Travel to a hot spot for a cool down... Like the Walnut Street Bridge, the River Walk, or Steak N Shake. You've been dancing all night and it's been very loud. Time to wind things down with a hip, subdued atmosphere. You might have a group Party Bus planned for this! Everyone will leave and return together! 10:30-11:30:  Ice Cream? Nay!!! Galato! Fellas this is when romance is supposed to be in the air. Stop acting like your date is your X-box buddy. The lady wants you to ignore him, eat from the same gelato bowl, and look deeply into her eyes. You may think you have really done a good job up until now, especially after unveiling your YouTube now-going-viral break-dancing moves, but she's suddenly become emotional because this perfect prom night is almost over and her shake is about to end up on your head. 11:30-12: Travel back to vehicle. Guys treat the ladies with respect, ladies, reciprocate. No funny business, just good times to remember for a very, very long time to come. Actually, maybe forever. And finally: DO NOT HOARD your schedule so that you are the only one who knows what's going on! Share it with everyone involved so that they can help you facilitate one of the greatest nights of your life! Ladies, we're interested in your timeline! Would you like to be featured in one of our blogs or episodes? Share your event with us directly from our website, It's easy to find in the footer section and I'll place a link to it in our corresponding blog. And we will see you next time."

Again, here is the hyperlink to Part 1.


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Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas


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