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Prom Night Recap, 2018

by Mark Douglas April 25, 2018

Prom Night Recap, 2018 | A recap of our 2018 prom season here at All Dressed Up, Chattanooga, TN

A note from ADU owner, Mrs. Cheron J. Douglas...

Prom Night Fashion Show with Cheron J. Douglas, CWP

"We had an amazing 2018 prom season and wholeheartedly thank you Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dalton, and everywhere in between! It was awesome meeting new people and recognizing familiar faces in connecting new fashions with your styles and grace as you kindly allowed ADU to meet your formalwear needs. Thank you for trusting us for all your prom dress and tuxedo needs, and I'll see you in 2019! God's Love to you all!"

The average ADU Prom 2018 Client Sentiment: "I will recommend this boutique a hundred times over to anyone in need of formal attire. Thank you so much for your time and sincere kindness." -T. Sharp

Let's recap our 2018 Chattanooga prom season, which we've coined as Prom Night. Today's blog will cover our dress brand changes from 2017, our more than tempting in-store and online specials, our new unprecedented offering, VIP In-Home Tux Fittings, our brand new trademark events including Prom Night Fashion Show, the Super Dress Up Party via Facebook Live, and the new TV show, Puttin' On The Ritz with DJ Mark! Wow, it's been a lively 2018 and we're so happy you've joined us!

New Fashion Focus

Colette Prom Dresses

For the 2018 prom season All Dressed Up made a few brand and style changes to better match what our Chattanooga constituency (that's you ladies) liked in 2017. We cut back on LaFemme, although we strongly loved their styles, and added Colette, a brand new company nestled under one of our favorite companies, Mon Cheri Bridals. The switch was even easier due to the friendship we'd started with Daphne and John a year earlier, the husband/wife team behind Colette and owners of Pennsylvania's own prom superstore, The Golden Asp. We also cut Zoey Grey and Jasz Couture for more Ellie Wilde. We kept Dave and Johnny New York for the larger sizes noting: they sell like hot cakes.

And once again, just like in 2017, almost everything SOLD! Thank you tri-state area!

ADU Sales and Specials

Here's your recap of the monthly deals we made available that many of you (especially those who follow our social media pages - Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) took advantage of:

  • In January and February we ran 10% OFF ALL Prom Dresses.

We told you this was the time to shop and you responded by showing up and getting what you wanted. You listened when we said this was not early-bird shopping time, when we said this was prime-time shopping time. You say, "Thank You," and we counter with an even bigger, "Thank YOU!"

  • March we ran a $40 OFF Tux rental sale. This included anyone with an event in April or May.

Nothing gets by you friends, it's true! So many April and May event gentlemen came in to take advantage of this sale. Again, it pays to follow us on Social Media! Follow: InstagramFacebook, and YouTube

  • We also ran Weekend Flash Sales and offered a very healthy Sale Rack.

Flash Sales netted 10% to 15% to 20% OFF. Sometimes these sales were not posted to Social Media. And our mega-sale rack... It's a real pleasure to see a girl try on a $40 dress, which used to be priced at $400, and fall head over heels in love! Yes! Don't be afraid to take a look at the ADU Sale Rack because there are true diamonds hiding in there; one may be just your needed size and style.

In-Home Tuxedo and Suit Fittings

We realize the lines get long during prom season. And just like me you probably don't like to stand in line. No Mas! you say? Check that, we've got you covered! Now you can schedule an in-home VIP appointment where one of our tux pros travels to your home for your fitting and style decisions. Yes, it's kind of a big deal. (Eat dust, competition! Just kidding. But seriously, eat dust or copy. You have no choice at this point.)

ADU Events

Prom Night Fashion Show at The Church On Main, Chattanooga, TN

Our Prom Night Fashion Show at the Church on Main was truly epic. We had 60 models, including tux guys model over 90 prom gowns and tuxedos. Several seasoned models remarked the event was the most organized they had ever modeled, and that included much larger attended events (although we were sold out). We'll have to thank our fantastic ADU dress shop owner / degree-carrying Certified Wedding Planner, Mrs. Cheron J. Douglas! We would like to thank Chattanooga Christian School who supplied many of the participants. And a huge shout out to volunteer model and new ADU employee, Ms. Chattanooga, Laney Millard. Of course it goes without saying but we are going to say it every time: The Church on Main was spectacular in look and deed as they were more than kind in our dealings. Want to throw a party at a wonderful venue? Call owner, Mrs Alison Morris!

  • Super Dress Up Party

Super Dress Up Party via Facebook Live!

Our Super Dress Up Party during the Superbowl halftime show via Facebook Live was a smash hit. This was fun and exciting as we began to stretch out our social media wings. We also had the treat of hosting the Chattanooga Party Bus and getting a VIP tour. Jason Hill and team are your perfect solution to your Prom Night transportation w/ entertainment needs. The bus is very clean, the LED lights are popping and the sound system is thumping!

  • Puttin' On The Ritz with DJ Mark

Puttin' On The Ritz with DJ Mark!

The new TV show Puttin' On The Ritz with DJ Mark is of course the brainchild of yours truly. No doubt the Super Dress Up Party gave me the idea to get out there in front of the camera and I'm so glad I took the plunge. From week to week the product is only getting better. I have so many ideas about Prom and Bridal and this is my perfect outlet and tool. I wonder if you have ideas or topics you'd like me to cover? Maybe you have some questions? Please let me know! Just hit me up from the contact page.

As our ADU family grows so does our reputation for top-rated customer satisfaction. Day by day we're discovering more ways to make you, our beloved customers, as satisfied (and beautiful) as humanly possible. (Making you beautiful is the easy part... cause look at you, you sweet, sexy thing you!)

This week's corresponding Video Bonus just went LIVE!: #10 Prom Night Recap | 2018 | 'Puttin On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!'  

Video Dialogue:

Mark: "Ladies and Gents, Before we begin, check out this David Tutera Jewelry. It's called Embellish and it is available here at All Dressed Up. I want to remind you to Subscribe to our Channels. Maybe you use Facebook, maybe Instagram, maybe YouTube, and maybe Twitter. We are active on each of these platforms so be sure to keep up with us by clicking the various notification options. This segues perfectly into today's topic, a 2018 recap on what you've learned this Prom season, from our new video series and the corresponding blogs. This show is quickly becoming a virtual Prom University, with topics ranging from hair and makeup, to night-of table manners. Many of you have noticed our efforts in providing much more than a dress sale and Tux rental, we're providing actual night-of perspective and know-how, a real necessity for planning and managing your Perfect Prom Night, and we thank you for the overwhelming support. Of course we're setting the bar here locally but also nationally. In fact it's quite unprecedented for a dress shop of any kind to step outside of the in-store sale, and into the real-world to help improve your event. But of course Cheron and I have the chops to do so as we are tried and true in the event planning and party industry, aka, With Class LLC, Coordination and Party DJ. This year All Dressed Up celebrated it's 7th year in business, that's two years with Cheron and myself at the helm. We began the year with our Prom Night Fashion Show hosted at Chattanooga's darling, The Church on Main, a venue for all occasions! This event was a sellout success as the girls looked beautiful, while you, our prom community, proudly answered the fashion call of our signature styles, Ellie Wilde and Colette, two Prom Brand powerhouses, brought to us by, Mon Cheri Bridals. We even had a Prom Night Dress Giveaway drawing! Of course we pave each and every prom season on the strong shoulders of our ecommerce website AllDressedUp.Me, which has never been hotter, boasting all our 2018 Prom Dress styles and options, most with prices, and this includes the fabulous Dave and Johnny New York. And now comes the interesting turn of events for us... We decided to go Facebook Live during the SuperBowl! It was from here that I began to formulate the idea for an episode based show. (Puttin' On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark!)We're breaking down Prom Night but we're just beginning to scratch the surface. There is so much more to talk about and discover, and I want you to know, that making it fun and interesting, is a huge priority for me. Have you seen all our episodes? Let's do a quick recap and then I'll let you know how to find and view them. Number 1, Finding my perfect prom dress, when to begin shopping? Number 2, Finding my perfect prom dress, shop transparency. Number 3, Finding my perfect tuxedo, what's a tuxedo? Number 4, My ultimate look, Nails, How do you do what you do? Number 5, Reading Online Reviews, bedtime stories that cure insomnia! Number 6, Finding my perfect tuxedo, bells and whistles, how to guide. Number 7 and number 8, Prom Night Perfection, how to create a timeline, part 1 and 2. And Number 9, Finding my perfect tuxedo, in-home tux fittings! Easily find these episodes by searching for the Puttin' On The Ritz w/ DJ Mark! hyperlink in the footer section of AllDressedUp.Me. This recap episode signals our temporary break from our signature Prom Night episodes, and onto our signature Wedding Day episodes! Listen up my young prom ladies, don't turn that dial! Not only because we'll be back next season with several teasers in October, November and December, but also because many of you may one day think of walking down that isle and we want to be there every step of the way... well not the last few steps. So we dedicate this episode to our All Dressed Up Prom Night Family, 2018! From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You! Ladies, we're interested in your Prom! Would you like to be featured in one of our blogs or episodes? Share your event with us directly from our website, It's easy to find in the footer section and I'll place a link to it in our corresponding blog. Won't you Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share? And make sure you get those notifications! And we will see you, next time!"

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The Prom Night Fashion Show pics by Brittany Carpenter of Life With a View.

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Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas


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